Design Thinking: Product Development & Innovation

Rapidly develop new products, pitches and roadmaps to build an innovation culture in your business and leadership team.

Learn the proven method that leaders use to build a business culture that continuously develops new products and services.

Innovation transforms the way people develop products, services, processes—and even strategy.

For the companies disrupting the market today, design is no longer just a “stage” in the business process — it is the language of business.

What clients say:

"Montgomery's Design Thinking workshop gave us immediate and tangible results, projects and ideas we have decided to implement into our products!
Robb managed to unlock the creative and innovative potential of our staff - it was impressive.

Not only did we have impact through proposals created during his three-day visit, but we also saw an impact on the motivation and loyalty of our employees.

Enabling our team for this kind of "work play" meant enabling a competitive edge for our company and acquiring a new kind of necessary literacy.
This is why, in the end, we decided to provide all of Robb's online courses to all of our employees - as a mandatory educational program."
Boris Trupčević
General Manager for Croatia
Styria Media International GbmH

If you want to help jolt your company out of bad habits, the people and teams around you will need to learn to adopt the habits of true innovators.

Innovators are people who are driven to build something 10 times better rather than something that is only 10 percent better.

The method Robb uses for this immersive video course is one he has developed over the last 10 years. It employs the best practices from GV Design Sprints, Maestro planning and the Stanford D-School model.

Guiding the teams through specific problem solving exercises are a key focus as Robb uses “How Might We” approaches to generate actionable ideas to guide teams to rapidly prototype solutions that will deliver a great customer journey with their solution.

These are the same techniques that successful startups use.

They invite the development of disruptive business models and radical insights that can drive new business.

You will learn to:

  • Identify a challenge or opportunity in your marketplace
  • Define the customer who will benefit from your solution
  • Run a productive brainstorming sessions
  • Build a roadmap and action plan with a cross-functional team
  • Plan for a great user experience from the start
  • Rapidly draft and refine solutions that solve problems for users
  • Validate your prototype solution
  • Build the perfect pitch deck to get your project green-lighted
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What are the requirements?
  • No previous experience, drawing skill or advanced technology is required.
  • You will need a white board, post-it notes, pencils, and markers.
  • Worksheets will be provided for you to print
Are you interested in building a startup? That process begins here.
Use this method to develop and test new business concepts with validated feedback

What am I going to get from this course?
  • Run productive brainstorming sessions
  • Build a roadmap and paper prototype that can be tested with users
  • Understand innovation processes like design sprints and design-thinking planning
  • Transform concepts into action plans and business models ready for the Lean Canvas
  • Plan solutions that provide for a great user experience from the start
  • Build the perfect pitch deck to get your project green-lighted

Intended Audience: students, Founders, UX designers, Project managers, Engineers, Developers, Visual creatives, Business students, Teachers, Audience and insight analysts, Marketing execs, Sales execs, C-Suite executives

Innovation is a process
Popular innovation models
The business purpose
What is the Design Method and who is using it?
At a Glance: The Design Method steps
Building a team and identifying a design challenge
The Idea Generator
Exercise: Write
The Re-write meeting
Ranking the statements
Exercise: Re-write
Tips for the team at this critical stage
Exercise: Ask
Exercise: Answer
Exercise Draw
Exercise: Re-draw
The moment of truth.
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The fastest way to create excellent results I have ever seen!

Very helpful & interesting

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GORAN BASIC , 2 months ago

systematically, transparent, clearly

What's included

  • 23 Video Lessons
  • 1 Text Lesson

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Robb Montgomery


Robb Montgomery is a video and innovation expert based in Berlin, Germany and the author of "A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism.”

These e-learning courses are used by reporters at CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, BBC, RTÉ Ireland TV, and many public broadcasters like VRT in Belgium and Mediacorp in Singapore. 

The Mobile Journalism Course is a required subject for every student at the EFJ journalism school in France.

As a university professor, Montgomery produces diploma courses on mobile journalism at FH Vienna Journalism School, EFJ Journalism School (Paris) and the Danish School of Journalism.

The lessons taught in Smart Film School courses flow from the workshops that Montgomery runs for broadcast professionals. 

He works with journalist teams at public broadcasters like Radio TV Belgium and Channel News Asia as well as with commercial broadcasters like MTV in Helsinki and CNN in Atlanta.

In these video tutorials, Montgomery takes you out on assignment with him to film in exotic locations in Egypt, Hong Kong, Patagonia, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Singapore, Doha, Ireland, Scotland, and India.

Montgomery previously served as an editorial art director for the Chicago Tribune, Page One editor for the Chicago-Sun-Times, and has redesigned several major newspapers including the Chicago Sun Times and the San Francisco Examiner.

His work with the investigative journalism team at the Sun-Times won him recognition at the Peter Lisagor awards and he has been awarded top honors in Society of News Design competitions since 1992.

Montgomery was elected as a "Storyteller in Residence" for the Ashoka Foundation in 2015.