LumaFusion: Mobile Video Editing

Complete mobile video editing course for iPad/iPhone.

Complete mobile video editing bootcamp.

Edit 4K Video, Add Effects, mix audio, add Text & Graphics on your iOS device

This immersive course will teach you how to edit video like a pro, using an iPad and an app called LumaFusion.
I show you the time-saving workflow and methods pros use to edit their videos.

LumaFusion is the most powerful multi-track video editor ever created for mobile devices.

Used by mobile journalists, filmmakers and professional video producers to tell compelling video stories, LumaFusion gives you all of the power and flexibility to create your video story.

Watch the free preview videos to get a taste of what you will learn in this clear, and practical course.

The LumaFusion app is taught with lessons lessons drawn from high quality video projects from a working professional. All filmed with an iPhone cinema rig. 

This course starts out with basic edits and moves quickly into working with advanced features and sound editing techniques like audio ducking for narrated feature films.

Text and graphics overlays are shown in detail as well as how to work with 4K footage filmed with Anamorphic lenses, LOG mode, ND filters and color-graded with custom LUTS.

BONUS 360° VR video section is also included.
It is now possible to edit 360° VR videos on your iOS device and this course walks through every step.

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Intended Audience: students, photographers, videographers, travelers, filmmakers, teachers, reporters, storytellers

A quick tour of the app
Meet your instructor
New project settings
Exercise: Start a new project
Add clips to the timeline
Tweak, tone and resize clips
Exercise: Modify clips
Add text captions to video
Exercise: Add text
Making slip and ripple edits
Cross fade audio
J & L Audio fades
Color, Blur and transitions
Add text overlays and compound graphics
Make a Freeze Frame with a snapshot
Exercise: Freeze frame
Adding keyframes
Exercise: Keyframe animation
Speed ramping and slo-motion shots
Exercise: Speed effects
Keyboard shortcuts
Make and apply presets
Build a narration audio track
Add music tracks
Audio ducking
Exercise: Audio ducking and narration
Export settings and locations
Exercise: Export project
LOG files and LUts
Make and transfer a Project archive
Introduction and 360° video examples
5 tips for making great 360° images
Spherical and ER formats
Shooting with a 360° camera
Filming with the Theta app
360* cameras for smartphones
Transfer videos
Make an album
Settings for a 360° video project
Starting a video project
Add clips to timeline
Trim and arrange clips
Add cutaway tracks
Audio: Fade in and fade out
Adding royalty free music
Add text overlays
Export movie settings and sharing to social media
Output settings
First look: Røde VideoMic Soundfield
Which 360° VR video camera should you use to produce live videos?
The photo edit
Build the project
Global settings
Making transitions
Royalty free music
Add logos and titles
Build a mult-layer text overlay
Animate text overlays

What's included

  • 51 Video Lessons
  • 9 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Robb Montgomery


Robb Montgomery is a mobile video expert and the author of “Smartphone Video Storytelling” (Routledge Press: Taylor & Francis Group).

Montgomery has trained more than 30,000 storytellers in mobile video methods and created the Mobile Journalism syllabus used by leading universities. 

He previously worked as an editor at the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.

His bootcamps, hands-on workshops and video courses are all best-sellers with 5-star ratings from students.

Montgomery is also a distinguished visiting professor at the EFJ School of New Journalism in Paris and at FH Wien School of Journalism and Media Management in Vienna where he leads Mobile Reporting and Story Lab workshops to promote entrepreneurial and video storytelling.