MBN Training Program

Mobile Journalism Training for 125 Alhurra broadcast journalists in 11 countries

Mobile Journalism Certificate Training

This program is used to train 125 TV journalists of the Middle East Broadcast Network who are based in 12 countries.

This training pack is designed for journalists, by a journalist. It features case studies of real journalism organizations and practical exercises to extend your capacity as an all-round video storyteller. Trainee group will be led by the instructor with live sessions and coaching schedules to support completion.


This training program teaches journalists how to create quality journalism content for TV, web, social media, and mobile platforms.

By making several video story projects, that learn the best practices for reporting and producing on deadline, shooting high-quality photos and video, collecting audio, and editing and publishing in real-time via social media and other platforms. 


1. Use mobile devices to research and report on news developments
2. Shoot and edit photos, audio, video on a mobile device
3. Use mobile gear and apps in the field to tell compelling visual stories
4. Plan, cover, and present news in real-time on a liveblogging platform, working in teams and using a range of mobile techniques and tools
5. Understand the evolving mobile news landscape, including the technology, ethical codes, and legal issues involved in mobile journalism 


Instructor leads the group through the training in a series of three live online sessions.

Trainees will make video projects between the sessions and get feedback from the instructor.

Each training group is between 12 and 15 persons and participants submit a graduation project to their team leaders of a finished video story, ready to broadcast.