Mobile & Digital Journalism for the Integrated Newsroom

Hindustan Times Digital Transformation: Six-month training program for 450 journalists.

Designed for HT Media.

Trainees are enrolled via cooperation of the HR department which maintains the list of eligible participants each year.

Course Summary

This training package includes a suite of digital journalism training courses that are essential for modern journalism.
 This training pack is designed for journalists, by journalists and featuring case studies of real journalism organizations.  

This Masterclass is an intensive boot camp course designed to help journalist master the new languages of digital story planning, mobile journalism, writing for digital audiences, and developing user-centered solutions for new editorial products and services.  

This training provides a solid foundation for the culture change required of a digital transformation.  
Every journalist on staff needs to be acquainted with the new language, lingo and workflows that are a hallmark of successful integrated newsrooms.