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Mobile Journalism features 200 illustrations, 170 full-color pages, 16 videos, and 36,710 words.

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The 'Bible of Mobile Journalism.'

Marcela Kunova, Editor, Journalism Co UK

Written for reporters, editors, producers, students and media faculty, this 'MOJO bible' features 12 chapters on multimedia storytelling, photo journalism, graphics, video editing, live reporting, and all the kit and apps that fuel mobile journalism.

From producing audio scripts to vertical video the chapters are richly illustrated with case studies from international broadcasters like the BBC.

Mobile Journalism is available in the following formats:

  1. Personalized PDF
  2. Apple Books (Interactive)
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  4. Paperback (Textbook)

The kindle and paperback versions are in textbook format and the Apple Books and PDF feature 170 full-color, magazine style spreads. A 

The PDF and Apple Books editions feature 170 magazine-style page spreads with live links to videos.

All editions of Mobile Journalism include links to online videos and access to a companion Web site at the Smart Film School, where readers can view and download additional resources.

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