News Product Innovation - Masterclass

Step-by-Step method to create new formats, features, and products for news consumers

Course Summary

"The fastest way to create excellent results I have ever seen!"
— Dubravko Roksandić

Design Sprints

A user-centered rapid innovation process
Built by a journalist, for journalists

In this course you will learn the design method and the 10-step process to create an original solution to a problem or opportunity.

This method can be used for story development, audience engagement, building a startup business, developing a new product or service, redesigning your workspace, or workflows to benefit your customer experience.

This method will challenge you to explore radical leaps in thinking that can lead to dramatic breakthroughs in the way your team works to solve problems and develop new ideas.

The techniques taught in this course are used by top corporate innovation teams, startups and innovators.

What will I learn in this course?
You will complete 10 tasks and build skills at each step as you build a customer-focused pitch for a new story form, service or product.

  • How design thinking brings the agility and speed of startups to transform your business
  • To bring culture change to your team with the proven, step-by-step innovation method
  • Adopt best practices from Double Diamond, Google Sprint and Stanford d.School prototyping approaches
  • Help your teams rapidly new products, services business models, and strategy

Worksheets on lean business models, idea generators and user personas are also included to help guide your teams to a specific result. Build a real roadmap to success that has measurable outcomes.

The course includes several case studies and CEO interviews that show the results you can expect as a result.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify a challenge or opportunity in your marketplace
  • Define the customer who will benefit from your solution
  • Run productive brainstorming sessions
  • Build a roadmap and action plan with a cross-functional team
  • Plan for a great user experience from the start
  • Rapidly draft and refine solutions that solve problems for users
  • Validate your prototype solution
  • Build the perfect pitch deck to get your project green-lighted

What clients say:

"Montgomery's Design Thinking workshop gave us immediate and tangible results, projects and ideas we have decided to implement into our products!
Robb managed to unlock the creative and innovative potential of our staff - it was impressive.

Not only did we have impact through proposals created during his three-day visit, but we also saw an impact on the motivation and loyalty of our employees.

Enabling our team for this kind of "work play" meant enabling a competitive edge for our company and acquiring a new kind of necessary literacy.
This is why, in the end, we decided to provide all of Robb's online courses to all of our employees - as a mandatory educational program."
Boris Trupčević
General Manager for Croatia
Styria Media International GbmH

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What are the requirements?
  • No previous experience, drawing skill or advanced technology is required.
  • You will need a white board, post-it notes, pencils, and markers.
  • Worksheets will be provided for you to print
Are you interested in building a startup? That process begins here.
Use this method to develop and test new business concepts with validated feedback

You and your team will love the results from this new way of problem solving, idea exploration and project development.
This course will teach you the method to rapidly develop new products, pitches and roadmaps and build an innovation culture in your business and leadership team.

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Course Curriculum

Smart Film School

This course is taught by Robb Montgomery, an American Mobile Journalism professor, filmmaker and author.

Montgomery leads global training programs in mobile video reporting and documentary filmmaking for journalists. 

Based in Berlin, he recently served journalists in Ukraine leading several mobile documentary journalism workshops in Odessa and Ivano-Frankivsk.

He is the author of Smartphone Video Storytelling and Mobile Journalism textbooks and his documentary films have been awarded top prizes at film festivals in Berlin, Milan and Los Angeles.

Montgomery teaches journalists in more than 34 countries for Reuters, WAN-IFRA, IREX, InterNews, United Nations, U.S. State Department, Journalism Co UK, Mediacorp, SRMG, Radio Free Europe, Journalism Co UK, Middle East Broadcast Network, GIJN, International Journalism Festival, NABSHOW, and public broadcasters.

Montgomery developed the first mobile journalism training program for Radio Free Europe TV in 2011. As a visiting professor he has led courses in visual journalism at Northwestern University, Stockholm University, University of London, Singapore University, Danish School of Journalism, and Ohio University. He is listed in the U.S. Speaker program and presents workshops that are organized by U.S. Embassies cultural affairs officers.

His Smart Film School certificate courses are accredited by top media organizations and universities.

Montgomery holds a b.a. in Journalism (1990 – Eastern Illinois University)

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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